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Subject areas:

1. Childhood memories:

    a. Childhood memories conversation HERE.
    b. EnglishClub.com - lesson plan & teaching suggestions.
    c. Lesson plan on childhood memories HERE.

2. National and local produce and products:

    a. www.islcollective.com is an awesome resource base. You just need to log in as a teacher and               both contribute and download worksheets and ppts. HERE you can find a vocabulary diagram to         review this subject area. 

3. Personal values and ideals.

    a. www.islcollective.com again! Download this great WS and don't forget to spread the word ;=) 

4. GESE 8 (ISE II) general review HERE

5. Conversation on GESE 7-9 subject areas HERE.

6. Village and city life

      a. Audio discussion, vocabulary and questions HERE.

7. Society and living standards vocabulary and lesson. HERE.

8. Environment
     a.  British Council Lesson Plan HERE.
     b. Talking about environment and pollution HERE.

9. The world of work

    a. List of questions HERE.

10. Public figures

     a. Lists of questions HERE & HERE.
     b. Lesson plan 1 - Mark Zuckerberg HERE.
     c. Lesson plan 2 - Beyonce Knowles HERE.

11. National customs

     a. Lesson plan HERE
     b. Vocabulary and questions HERE.
     c. Questions HERE & HERE.
     d. Reading about British customs HERE.
     e. Customs and traditions in English speaking contries HERE.

1. Expressing agreement & disagreement HEREHERE and HERE.

Trinity lesson plans:

1. Choosing a topic. HERE.

2. Developing the topic. HERE.

3. Collaborative task. HERE.

4. Preparing the conversation. HERE.

Sample exams:

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